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FAQ | Tasks
Updated over a week ago

Tasks are the main feature for creating and tracking workflow.

What is the difference between a task and a resolution case?

A task is a great way to schedule and assign work that needs to be done and keep track of it going forward.

A resolution case is designed for doing the scheduled work, i.e. Offer in Compromise, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, etc.

How do I set up tasks to repeat quarterly?

Tasks can be set to repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly. To set a task to repeat quarterly, you will want to set the Repeat option to Monthly, and below that there is an option to set how often it repeats. In this case, you will want to set that section to "Repeat every 3 months".

Why is my repeating task not repeating on each day that it should?

Repeating tasks can only be generated when the original or previous task has been marked Completed before the next task is set to be due. If a task is set to repeat Daily, the current task will need to be marked Completed before the next task is due, or else it will skip the next day and move on to the day after.

What is the difference between Relative dates and Fixed dates?

Relative dates are a way of triggering tasks to start or be due after the previous one has been set to a certain status. For example, the first subtask is due 1 day after the parent task is set to In Progress, the second subtask is due 2 days after the first subtask is set to Completed, and so on.

Fixed dates are best for scheduling tasks and subtasks that have an exact due date, such as April 15th.

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