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Manage Marketing Sources
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Marketing sources help you determine what marketing avenues are bringing clients to your firm. You can add marketing sources to your account settings in Canopy, assign a marketing source to a client, and view a report of any client referrals logged in the system.

Manage Marketing Sources

To get started, click on your Profile on the global navigation bar.

1. Choose Settings on the pop-out menu.


2. Click Custom Fields.


3. Click the Source field.


4. Click Add an option.

If needed, type any edits into the existing fields.


5. Type an option name in the Name new option field.


6. Click Done to close the pop-up window.


Assign a Marketing Source to a Client

You can easily assign a marketing source to a client from the Client Profile. To get started, click on a Client in Canopy.

1. Click the Edit icon in the About section on the left side of the Client Record.

The Edit icon will appear when you hover over the About section.


2. Click on the Source drop-down menu and select a listed marketing source.


Add a referral by:

  • Selecting Referral from the Source drop-down menu.

  • Searching for a client by typing their name in the Referral field.


3. Click Update to save your changes.


View the Referral Report

You can view a report of top referrals in the Edit Source window. The Referral report displays how many referrals a client provided. To get started, navigate to the Custom Fields settings page.

1. Click on the Source label on the custom fields.


2. Scroll down to the Referrals section.

3. Click the blue Client Name to navigate to the Client Profile.


4. Click Done to close the window.

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