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Use the Activity Log
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The activity log allows admin users to see track and view actions performed in Canopy. Users can only see actions related to licenses they have purchased. Activity Log entries allow for users to quickly view, edit, and access different activities undertaken in Canopy.

Please note: The activity log currently tracks the following activity types:

  • Task

  • Client Request

  • eSign

  • Notices

  • Files

  • Organizer

The following actions are tracked for each applicable activity type:

  • Archived

  • Created

  • Edited

  • Status updates

  • Unarchived

  • Deleted

Use the Activity Log

1. To get started, click on your profile on the global navigation bar.

2. Choose Activity Log from the pop-out menu.


3. If needed, select a different Month from the timeline at the bottom.

  • Activity Log entries are organized by day.

  • The Activity Log will scroll infinitely for each month.


4. Select an Item from the activity list.

  • Selecting an eSign request will open the Edit eSign Request modal.

  • Selecting a File will open the file.

  • Selecting an Organizer will open the associated organizer.

  • Selecting a Task, Subtask, Notice, or Client Request will open the associated workspace.

  • Client is not clickable if the action is Deleted.


5. Click on a Client name to navigate to the associated Client record.

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