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Assign Team/Team Members Permissions to Folders
Assign Team/Team Members Permissions to Folders
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Info: Team permissions can be assigned to Client Files and Internal Files folders!

Teams can be given access to specified folders in Canopy. One powerful way to use this feature is to assign team permissions to folders and then assign new team members to the teams with access to the needed folders. Read and follow the Create a New Team, and Edit or Delete Teams articles for help understanding how to use Teams in Canopy.

Assign Team/Team Members Permissions to Folders

1. Right-click on a relevant folder in Canopy files.

If unable to right-click, click on the Options menu, in line with the folder.


2. Select Folder access from the dropdown.


3. Using the provided search box, search for Teams and/or Team Members to grant access to the folder.

By default, all team members with access to the client are granted access to the folder. You can change this by deselecting the All current and future users with client access box.


Note: If you select the "All" option in the Folder Access modal, new team members will automatically have folder access once added to Canopy. Going forward, you won't need to go back to each folder and manually give access to new team members. This also applies to subfolders.


4. Once you grant access to all relevant teams and team members, click Done to save your changes.

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