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Add a Time Entry to a Task
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You can track time toward tasks or subtasks. Once time is added and saved to a task or subtask, you can easily create invoices from the saved time entries. Tracking time spent on tasks further allows you to track time allocation and productivity.

Time can also be added to tasks from the Client Record.

Add a Time Entry to a Task

1. Click on the + button in the global navigation bar.


2. Select Time Entry from the slide-in panel.

You can also save previously created time entries to a task by clicking the in-line Save icon on your Timer.


3. If needed, change the date and time spent boxes.

  • The date and time spent box is automatically filled according to the timer entry.

  • If you have enabled the Duration Calculator in your settings, the Time spent box will be greyed out and you will be able to enter a Start time and End time.


4. Click the Client box to search for a client.


5. Choose the Service drop-down menu to assign a service to the time entry.


6. Go to the Task drop-down menu to apply the time to a specified task.

If needed, select a Subtask from the Subtask drop-down menu.


7. Choose the Assignee box to assign a team member to the time entry.

The assignee defaults to the team member that created the timer.


8. Add a note to the time entry.


9. Select Save to apply the time entry to the specified task.

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