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Use Notice Templates
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Notice templates allow Canopy users to use pre-made templates to send notices to clients. These templates are meant to help streamline your workflow and erase the tedium of completing multiple, routine tasks for each notice you need to send out.

Use Notice Templates

1. Click on Templates and choose Notice from the slide-in menu.


Important Note: Admin users are able to view, customize, and restore all of their firm's templates. Basic users are able to view all templates, but can only customize or restore unedited, pre-set templates.

View Notice Templates

All users can view any of Canopy's pre-made notice templates. In addition, all Canopy users are able to view and use the notice templates of their other firm partners.

1. Search for a notice template in the search bar or select an applicable template from the list.

2. Click on the Options menu in-line with a notice template.

3. Choose View to view the template structure in a new window.

4. If the notice suits your needs, continue to the Create a Notice article to send the notice template to a client.

Customize and Edit a Notice Template

Note: Once an admin user has customized a template, basic users will only be able to view and use the template as it was customized by the admin user.

Canopy's notice templates can be customized to better suit your firm's needs. Once a notice template has been customized, the customized template will overwrite the original Canopy template. Only Admin users will be able to restore customized templates to their original form. To customize a template, navigate to the Notice Templates page in Canopy.

1. Click the Options menu in-line with a relevant, unedited notice template.

2. Choose Customize from the options menu.

  • If Customize is not available, ensure that the template is unedited and that you have Admin permissions.

  • If the template has already been customized, choose Edit to change and template customizations.

3. Add a subtask to the template by clicking Add a subtask on the bottom.

To delete a subtask from the template, click the trash icon in-line with a relevant subtask.

4. Add a file to a subtask by clicking Add File.

5. Add a subtask requirement by clicking the This subtask also requires drop-down menu.

  • Subtask requirements will require users to complete certain requirements when completing a Notice.

  • Choose Adding a file to require users to add a file to complete the notice subtask.

  • Choose Pulling a transcript to require users to request a transcript to complete the notice subtask.

  • Choose Adding a note to require users to add a note to complete the notice subtask.

6. To save template customizations, click Save.

Restore Notice Templates

Customized notice templates can easily be restored to their original pre-set status.

1. Click on the Options Menu in line with an edited notice template.

2. Choose Restore to original.

If Restore to original is unavailable, make sure that you selected an edited template and have Admin permissions.

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