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Manage the Mobile Tasks List
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The Mobile Tasks List is your hub for managing all your tasks, subtasks, and client requests on the go.

Manage the Mobile Tasks List

1. Tap on the Tasks dropdown in the top-left corner to change task views.

  • You can choose to show All tasks or Active tasks. Selecting Active tasks will hide all completed and archived tasks from the mobile dashboard.

  • All of your saved Filter Groups can also be selected from this menu.

    • Currently, filter groups cannot be edited on mobile. In addition, new filter groups can only be added on the desktop. For information about creating or editing filter groups on the desktop app, please refer to the Filter Task List and the Update Your Saved Filter Groups help articles.‍ ‍


2. Hide subtasks by tapping the filter icon.

Tap Hide subtasks.


3. Tap on a listed task or subtask to open the respective task workspace.

Subtasks are identified by the in-line subtask icon.


4. Create a new Task, Send a Client Request, or Timer by tapping the Global Add Button.

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