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Accept a Client Payment On-The-Go
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Accept a Client Payment On-The-Go

You now have the option to track and accept payments away from your desk! Work on an iPad from the comfort of your own home (or somewhere else in the office) and accept client payments whenever and wherever.

Take Note: Only users who sign up for Canopy Payments under an Organization entity can manually enter client payment information.

1. Open the app and tap Clients.


2. Select a client from the list.


3. Tap the Billing tab.


4. Long-press an invoice or tap on the three stacked dots on the right side of the chosen invoice.


5. Select Add a payment from the pop-up menu.


6. Select the boxes next to the invoices you want to pay.


To make partial payments, tap the Amount to pay field and edit as needed.


7. Click Continue.


8. Select the dropdown menu to choose a payment option.

Please Note: The Saved payment method option is only available for users enrolled in Canopy Payments with our new payment facilitator.

  • If you select Saved payment method, be sure to select the correct payment account on file for your client and make any necessary notes.

  • If you select Check, be sure to enter a Check number and make any necessary notes.

  • If you select Cash, be sure to enter a Reference number and make any necessary notes.

9. Tap Submit/Save payment.


10. Review Payment details on the Payment Confirmation page and tap Done.

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