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December 2021
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Release Notes for December 2021

These release notes are meant to give an overview of new features and/or enhancements launched in the month of December.

What's new for Practice Management

Email sharing for team members

Description: Emails that are connected to Canopy can be shared with designated team members in the Calendar and Email Settings. You can choose who to share email access with, as well as specify which permissions each team member receives. You can grant full access to an email account, or grant permission to send and reply to emails using the shared email address.

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Email labels and folders

Description: The Canopy inbox now supports labels (for Gmail accounts) and folders (for Microsoft and other accounts) in-app. You can apply labels or move emails to folders and your changes will be reflected both within Canopy and on your email provider's website.

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Bulk Organizers

Description: Client Organizers can now be sent in bulk. Select the clients you want to send the organizer to from the contact list and click the Send Organizer icon. From there, it's just a few more clicks to send the organizer to all of your selected clients.

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Fillable PDFs

Description: Fillable PDFs allow users to create custom fillable PDFs that can be uploaded to Canopy and filled out within in the app. You can attach fillable PDF documents to client requests or client request templates and send them to your clients so they can fill the forms out in their client portal.

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For your clients:

Email File Saving and Attachments

Description: We've made some small updates to file saving and attachments on the global inbox. You can now add files from anywhere in Canopy to an email, and you can do so without adding a contact to the To: field. This update should make the file attachment process less restrictive.

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Desktop Assistant on Mac

Description: The desktop assistant is now available to download on MacOS. Mac users will now have access to the same great features Windows users have enjoyed, including: File Editing, File Migration, and Scanning to Canopy.

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What's New for Tax Resolution

Transcripts Versioning 1.0

Description: Separate transcript requests for a client can now be compared against each other. Changes between each transcript are highlighted by notification dots next to the changed form.

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