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4. Document Management
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All about that document storage!

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Do you ever feel like your desktop is piled high with documents?! We are here to help. Canopy has many tools to help you manage and organize your files! Today is all about uploading and migrating files into Canopy.

Note: If you don’t have our Document Management license it is never too late to add it! Learn more about Document Management here.

Download the Desktop assistant and start uploading your documents!

The Desktop Assistant is the bridge between the Canopy cloud and your non-cloud files, apps, and programs. It can be used even if your firm is using a hosted environment.

Start your file migration

Learn how to use the file migration tool to help aid you in your file migration process!

Don’t forget to:

Complete Fundamental Training section 4 & section 5

Continue your learning journey by completing the next two sections. Section four will provide you with great tips on how to streamline your communication with your team members and section five is all about your document management and will provide detailed steps to help you get on top of all your files!

If Applicable: Download and learn to use the Virtual Drive

Currently, the Canopy Virtual Drive is only available on Windows operating systems. Learn about how to use the Canopy Virtual Drive to interact with all of your Canopy files directly on your computer.

File migration can be tricky! We can help! Reach out to Support to learn more about our options for paid services including file migration.

You have Questions. We have answers.

The Canopy Knowledge Base- This is the home for all of our product articles and how-to videos that will walk you step-by-step through just about anything you want to do in Canopy. You can search at the top of the page or explore each section.

Customer Support: If you can’t find what you are looking for in the Knowledge Base, you can reach our support team through our in-app messenger (click on your icon on the bottom of the global navigation bar and then click Chat with Support) or by calling 1-855-616-7305.

Keep your eyes peeled. In a couple days you will receive an email walking you through how to optimize your workflow! Ready now? Click here to move on now!

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