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Set Up Your Canopy Account
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Entering your personal Canopy account information is the only required step in the First Login setup experience. This step applies to any license and involves creating a password for your Canopy account.

1. Click the link provided in your welcome email from Canopy.

2. Enter your full Name in the fields provided.

Your Email address should be pre-populated

3. Enter a Password.

4. Re-enter your password in the Confirm password box.

5. Click the Terms of Service checkbox to indicate that you agree to Canopy's Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

6. Click Create account and continue.


Syncing Email and Calendar to Canopy

Syncing your email account and online calendar is a crucial step in setting up your Canopy account. Admins can sync one Google or Microsoft calendar to Canopy at a time. Google/Microsoft calendaring is mirrored in your Canopy calendar. Upon syncing, events created in your Google/Microsoft calendar will immediately sync to Canopy. Calendar permissions granted in your Google calendar will also reflect in Canopy. Keep in mind, that you will only see the email and calendar options once you have completed Setting Up Your Canopy Account.

1. Click Add email account.

  • Click Skip setup to close out of the first login setup permanently.

  • The First Login setup will persist with each web session of Canopy until you either skip or complete it.


2. Select the option that best describes your email provider in the pop-up window.

  • If you don't see your email provider listed, click the Other Providers option.

  • Click the Provider drop-down menu.

  • If your email provider is not listed in that drop-down menu, scroll to the bottom of the list and click I don't see my provider.

  • Yahoo accounts require additional steps to be connected with Canopy. For more information, refer to the Connecting a Yahoo email account article.


3. If applicable, check the box in line with each item you want to sync with Canopy.

  • Calendar sync is only available for Gmail or Microsoft Exchange accounts.

  • Click Select.


4. Enter your login information for your email account.

  • Your email will take some time to connect to Canopy.

  • Depending on the email provider you select, your input options may vary.

    • If you have selected I don't see my provider, you will be prompted to enter your IMAP and SMTP information.

5. Click Connect Account.


Entering your Company Information

Adding your company information is an important step in the setup process that applies across all license types. This information will pre-populate in various places throughout Canopy.

1. Enter a Company name.

  • Click Skip setup to close out of the first login setup permanently.

  • The First Login setup will persist with each web session of Canopy until you either skip or complete it.

2. If needed, type in your Firm Specialties.

3. Enter all applicable fields with your company information.

  • Don't forget that this area is scrollable.

  • Required fields will be marked with an asterisk (*).

4. Click Next.

Customizing your Client Communications

Setting up your custom branding in Canopy enables clients to view the Client Portal, emails, and invoices completely customized to fit your brand. Admins in Canopy can customize their client interactions. You will see the Custom Branding experience once you enter your company information.

1. Enter your client portal Domain.

  • If the domain is available, a green checkmark will display in the field.

  • When selecting a domain, be aware:

    • If you change your domain, your clients will be redirected from your previous domain to the new one for 30 days.

    • You will not be permitted to edit your domain during these 30 days.

2. Add your Company Website link.

Be sure to toggle the gray switch to green before attempting to enter the link!

3. Link your Appointment Scheduler.

4. Add Custom Links for clients to easily access through the portal.

5. Opt to Show the Billing Tab in the Client Portal.

6. Toggle on the option to Show Display Names on Client Portal.

7. Click Upload image.


Requirements for an Uploaded Logo Image:

  • The only file types accepted are:

    • .jpg .jpeg and .png

  • The maximum file size for a logo image is 500 KB.

  • If the image is smaller than 156px wide x 56px high, it will be stretched to fit those minimum dimensions.

  • If the image is larger than 320px wide x 64px high, your image will be scaled down to those maximum dimensions.

    • If possible, upload a larger image that can be scaled down for the best results.

8. Select a color from the available options.

9. Click Custom to further customize your color selection.

  • Click and drag the color selector along the gradient scale.

  • Alternatively, enter a hex # in the Color Code field.


11. Enter a Welcome Message to display on the Client Portal login page.


12. Choose from three templates to display on the login page.


13. Scroll to review the different Previews for Canopy.

14. Click Submit and Next.


Adding Team Members

Adding your team members to Canopy will prompt an email welcoming them to the team and inviting them to set up their personal Canopy accounts.

1. Enter the email address of each team member.

Separate each email with a comma.


2. Click Add.


3. Toggle the Include a personalized message switch to green to include a message with the email from Canopy.

If needed, enter a message.


4. Click Save and Next.


Assigning Licenses and Roles

Once your team members have been invited, admins can assign specific licenses to each team member as well as assign roles for access to specific areas of Canopy.

1. Click the applicable team member's email address.

2. Select a role from the Assign Role drop-down menu.


3. Click the checkbox in line with each license you wish to assign to this team member.

Continue this process with each team member listed.


4. Click Invite team members.

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