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Login with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Login with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
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What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) helps reduce the risk of compromising accounts with an additional layer of login security. 2FA is required for you and your clients.

Canopy offers support for email authentication, SMS, or with an Authentication app. By default, the code is sent to your verified email address.

Once you authenticate, you can opt to remember a device for 30 days. You do not need to authenticate each time you log in unless you log in:

  • From a new or different device within the 30-day window.

  • From an incognito or private window in your browser.

Add Two-Factor Authentication for SMS

Authentication codes go to the email address listed in your Canopy Profile.

These steps show you where to verify this and how to add a phone number to receive text messages for codes.

1. Navigate to your Profile settings in Canopy.


2. To receive codes on your mobile device, enter a phone number in the Text Message (SMS) field.

  • By default, you'll receive authentication codes at the email associated with the Canopy account.

  • If you change your email, you'll need to verify the email before you begin receiving authentication codes.


3. Check the box to agree to receive text messages from Canopy.


4. Press Send code to receive an authentication code.

This code goes to your mobile device with the phone number you entered.


The text message looks like this:


5. Enter the code in Canopy and click Verify SMS.


You will see a notification when you have successfully enabled 2FA.


Add Two-Factor Authentication for Authentication Apps

You can also set up your account to use Authentication apps, such as the Google Authenticator app to log in.

Reminder: This method requires that you have an authentication app on your device. Before moving on, make sure you have one downloaded. We recommend using:

We'll be using Google Authenticator in this example. To set up:

1. Navigate to the Two-Factor Authentication area of your Profile settings.


2. Click Setup authenticator.

3. Open your authenticator app and look for an option to scan.

4. Scan the QR code with your app.

  • You can also enter the key that generates under the QR code into your authenticator app.

  • Your Canopy account is listed with the authentication app. It should say Canopy:[your email address].

6. Enter the code into the box in your Canopy account.

7. Click Verify. Your Authenticator is now verified!

Logging in with Two-Factor Authentication

If you access Canopy more than 30 days after the last authentication, you must re-authenticate to gain access. After logging into your account:

1. Send a one-time passcode to your email, phone, or authentication app associated with your Canopy account. Click Next.

  • If sent to your email, look for an email with the subject "Canopy Login Verification".

Troubleshooting: You may have trouble finding the verification email. No worries, though. Try the following tips to see if it resolves your issue.

  • If you haven't already, check your Spam/Junk folder in your email account.

    • Sometimes that email likes to hide in Spam/Junk until you mark it as “not spam”.

  • If you don’t see anything there, type “Canopy” in the search bar of your email account.

    • The results will show any email with the keyword “Canopy” in it, so this should bring up the 2FA email!

  • Be sure to whitelist the email [email protected] in your email account.

    • Whitelisting just means adding an email address to your approved sender list!

Note: We highly recommend you sign up for the Authentication App for 2FA verification in addition to email. It's just as secure and reliable as email!

  • If you sent it via SMS, look for the text message with the code.

  • If you sent it via Authentication App, look for the generated code on your authentication app.

2. Copy the 6-digit code in the body of the email, text message, or authentication app.


3. Go back to the Canopy window and paste the code.

Canopy Tip!

You have the option of remembering the device for 30 days. If you do not checkmark this, you'll follow these steps the next time you log in.


4. Click Next to access your account.

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