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FAQ | Pricing
Updated over a week ago

Here is a list of points to keep in mind regarding Canopy pricing.

What features are included?

Features included in the free basic package of Canopy are:

  • Up to 20 Contacts

  • Customized Client portal

  • Files, including the option to download the Desktop Assistant

  • Tasks

  • Client Requests

  • Billing and invoicing

  • Letter generator

  • E-Signature

  • Client Organizer

  • Email sync

  • Calendar sync

  • Forms

  • Notifications

  • Mobile app for your firm

  • Mobile app for your clients

Customers purchasing a Tax Resolution package will have access to all basic practice management features for up to 50 contacts.

More information can be found in our Getting Started article.

What happens if I try to go over my limit of contacts?

You'll see a modal prompting you to contact our sales team about an upgrade.


Can I still access information on archived contacts?

Yes! Hidden contacts' information can still be accessed without adding them to your active contact list. More information can be found in the Managing a Spouse's Information article.

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