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February 2022
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Release Notes for February 2022

These release notes are updated real time to give you an overview on Canopy's latest feature releases and bug fixes.

What's New for Practice Management

Task Dashboard Performance

Description: We've made some updates to our database on the Task Dashboard. You may notice the dashboard now offers snappier loading times, and handles large task numbers better.

QBO Two-way Contact Sync

Description: Previously, contacts from QBO would only sync to Canopy manually when running the integration setup. Once the integration was set up, contacts in QBO would not automatically sync. Now, contacts created in either Canopy or QBO will automatically be created in the other software. This change has already taken place and will work automatically.

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Payments Error

Description: We fixed an error affecting Canopy Payments for a small group of users.

Folder Permissions

Description: Admin users can now permit or restrict folder access using folder permissions. Permission can be given to individual team members or to teams. Folder permission is released in tandem with our Teams feature listed below and is the first feature to make use of teams in Canopy.

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Description: Team members can now be organized into teams. In the future, teams will be able to be assigned to specific permissions and play a vital role in other workflow features. Teams allow you to set quickly onboard new team members by assigning them to their relevant teams and automatically have access to all of the clients, documents, and permissions assigned to that team.

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Bulk Send Drafted Client Requests

Description: Drafted client requests can be sent in bulk to clients who have been invited to the client portal. This feature is looking ahead to an upcoming release that will allow you create client requests in bulk.

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What's New for Canopy Mobile

Canopy 1.15.0 and Client Portal 1.8.0 for Android and iOS

Description: We released a host of quality of life updates to the Canopy mobile applications.

  • New file sorting options

  • Full file timestamps showing when files were uploaded

  • Improved survey and organizer experiences for your clients

  • Display name support for the client portal app

  • New rich text editor for practitioners

Client Portal App Android v1.7.4

Description: Fixed an issue that was causing scanners to fail after scanning more than 4 documents consecutively.

Canopy App v1.14.4 and Client Portal App Android v1.7.3

Description: We released a few bug fixes and made some performance improvements.

What's New for Canopy

Transcripts and Notices Standalone module

Description: Canopy's award winning Transcripts and Notices features are now available to purchase as a standalone product. You can now pull transcripts using Canopy without having to purchase Canopy features that don't fit your practice.

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Profile Pictures

Description: That little namechip icon at the bottom of the global navigation bar can now be customized with the profile picture of your choice. Just head to your settings and upload your best headshot.

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