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April 2022
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Release Notes for April 2022

These release notes are updated real time to give you an overview on Canopy's latest feature releases and bug fixes.

What's New for Practice Management

Time Reports under the Time Tab

Description: We've moved all time related reports to a new section under the Time tab on the global navigation bar. Billing reports remain in the same place they've always been, Billing > Reports.

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Bulk Create and Send Client Requests and Tasks with Client Requests

Description: Client Requests can now be created and sent to clients in bulk. You can also create tasks in bulk and attach client requests to the bulk task.

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In-Product Refunds

Description: Canopy Payments users can now issue refunds directly within Canopy. Refunds are made to the original payment method and currently can only be made for the full amount.

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Filter by Contact Owner on Time and Billing Reports

Description: Aged Receivables, WIP, and Revenue by Contact reports can now be filtered by contact owner. This change will grant firms the option to assign partners to contacts and generate reports tailored to their partners.

What's New for Tax Resolution

CSED and Tolling Reports Restoration

Description: We've been working hard to restore CSED and Tolling reports in Canopy. All CSED and and Tolling information is now combined into a single report. Users can view CSED calculation for individual clients - we hope to release business capabilities soon.

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What's New for Mobile

Client Portal Android v1.8.3

Description: Fixed an error related to clients uploading files to engagement client requests.

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