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October 2022
Updated over a week ago

The following release notes are up to date and have been posted as of October 31, 2022.


πŸ’¬ Comments on Tasks

  • Users can now create comment feeds for tasks!

  • Creating a comment feed within a task also allows your team to continue the conversation in the Comments Inbox.

  • Team members who do not have access to a task or client will still have viewing capabilities of the conversation, but will not be able to view the associated task.

βœ… New "Ready" Default Status

  • By popular demand, we have added "Ready" as a default status!


πŸ‘€ Search Bar in Status Dropdown

  • Customers who have a large number of statuses can ease this frustration by using the search bar at the top of the status dropdown.


🚫 New Custom Status Permissions

  • We have added a permission that allows admins to restrict team members from adding or deleting custom statuses. No more "oopsie" moments!


⬇️ Order of Completed Tasks

  • Completed tasks are now sorted from newest to oldest.

  • Tasks most recently completed will be listed first!


🀩 Standalone Client Request Template Redesign

  • We have just released a new, improved design for standalone client requests.


⚑️ Client Request Automation

πŸ“ Resize Columns on the Tasks List

  • Column widths are now adjustable within the Tasks dashboard in Canopy and can be saved as a filter view!

Document Management

  • Creating another eSign request to ask for signatures again is no longer needed.

  • A simpler process is in place when you need to request signatures from clients.

πŸ’¬ Comments and @mentions on Files

  • We have released the ability to leave comments for team members on files!

  • Team members who are added to a thread will have visibility to the comment conversation.

  • If team members have access to the contact or file, they can view this from the comment dashboard.

  • Team members who do not have access to the contact or file will have visibility on the comment conversation, but will not be able to view the contact or file from the comment dashboard.

Transcripts & Notices

🧐 Free Trial & Self-Service Upgrade

  • Potential customers are now able to sign up for a free trial of Transcripts & Notices.

  • Once the trial is over, customers are able to upgrade to a subscription to Transcripts & Notices on their own with absolutely no social interaction. Wahoo!

  • Purchase more licenses for your team with the same process.

πŸ«±πŸ½β€πŸ«²πŸ» Right Networks Partnership

  • Canopy has partnered with Right Networks with the Canopy Transcripts & Notices free trial option listed on their site.

πŸ”‹ Transcripts Enhancements

  • Our team has leveled up our transcripts game!

  • Automatic retries (up to 8 times for the next 4 hours) of your transcript request will be done with certain request errors.

  • We have also added more status and errors to better explain the reasoning behind a failed request.

  • To learn more about statuses and errors when requesting transcripts, refer to this Transcripts | FAQ article.

Time & Billing

πŸ’° Profitability Report 2.0

  • Several enhancements have been added to the current report.

    • Updated the name of the report to "Profitability"

    • Option to group by service item or contact

    • New "Billable amount" column (duration of time multiplied by the rate)

    • New "Adjusted amount" column (billed amount less the billable amount)

  • With this improved report, you can find answers to questions like:

    • Do we have unprofitable clients that we need to bid farewell to?

    • Are there services we offer that don't bring in enough profit?

    • Which clients or services are we often writing up/down?

  • These changes will allow our team to develop future reports that are customizable and will provide users with a way to slice and dice data any way they would like!

πŸ’Ύ Save Filters on Time Entries Table

πŸͺ„ Zero Out an Invoice

  • We released a feature that allows you to record an invoice as "zero balance due". This can be used in cases where you don't want to charge a client for work performed but still want to show the client all work that was completed.


🀳🏼 Manage Your Profile Picture

  • We released a feature for the Canopy App that allows you to take or select a photo from your phone and save it as your profile picture. This is now live on Android and iOS!

πŸ”’ Open Password Protected PDFs

  • So long as you know the password, you are now able to open and view PDFs that are password protected.

πŸͺ² Minor Releases/Bug Fixes

Time & Billing

Hidden Billing Tab Notifications Fix

  • Our team found that certain billing-related notifications were still populating for clients even when practitioners hid the billing tab from the client's portal.

  • The release for the fix is live and now all billing-related notifications will be hidden when a practitioner opts to hide the billing tab in the client's portal.

Credits Refactor

  • Only backend work was done, the credits experience on the front end is unchanged!

  • This experience provides better performance and simplifies the process of improving and maintaining code in the future.


File Renaming Bug

  • A bug was reported for the rule of no illegal characters when renaming files, and it has been fixed!

Auto-Timeout for iPad

  • Auto-timeout on iPad has been extended from 2.5 minutes to 5 minutes.

App Crashes Due to PDF Experience

  • Customers should not experience the app crashing when they use the PDF feature.

  • We have pushed a fix for this and will continue to monitor the situation.

Document Management

Virtual Drive Updates

  • Performance updates to help lessen CPU utilization when items are not actively syncing.

  • A file/folder is restored to the Virtual Drive when a team member deletes a contact folder or a file/folder that they are not permitted to handle. This cuts down on 400 errors that customers may see.

  • Our team has also fixed some installation, configuration, and error-handling issues.

Fast File Loading

  • When opening a document in Canopy, the document will now load the first pages of the document within a few seconds. The remaining pages will continue to load as you scroll. Talk about speed!


Task Dashboard Performance

  • Performance enhancements have been released on the task dashboard.

  • This will help customers to have a bit faster experience.

Automation Improvements

  • Due to many customer requests, our team has changed how automation rules run when relating to date conditions!

  • If a date condition is met for a completed task/subtask/client request, the automation rule will not run.

Sort Users Alphabetically

  • Assignees listed in the dropdown are alphabetical, so as to help customers find desired assignees more easily!

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