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November 2021
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Release Notes for November 2021

These release notes are meant to give an overview of new features and/or enhancements launched in the month of November.

What's New for Practice Management

Filter Views on the Task List

Description: The task list can now be quickly filtered according to your own, customized filter views. Filter views work best when structured according to Status or Service, but can be fully customized to fit seamlessly into your workflow and make your process more efficient. This overhaul of the Task List provides the All Work, Active Work, and My Work filter views by default. For help setting up your task list to best suit your workflow, please refer to the knowledge base articles below.

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Display Name

Description: Custom display names can be added to a contact. Display names are useful to match contacts with QuickBooks Online (QBO) entries, add a preferred name for a contact whose name differs from their legal name, or for naming contacts who file jointly. The display name will show up in contact searches, contact exports, the global inbox, calendar events, QBO sync, and on our public API.

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Contact List Enhancements

Description: The contact list can now be filtered according to Custom Fields. The contact list can also be searched according to the newly released Display Name.

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2021 Client Organizer

Description: The client organizer is now available to send to your clients. The organizer has been updated to include the information you will need for 2021.

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Coming Soon: The option to send client organizers in bulk will be available soon.

What's New for Tax Resolution

Transcripts 2.0

Description: The Transcripts 2.0 release delivers many new features to Canopy's transcripts tool.

  • Automated Transcript Requests: Transcripts can now be requested according to a set cadence of weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

  • Edit and Delete: Transcript requests can now be edited or deleted via the associated settings menu.

  • Multiple CAF Number Support: Users can now select from multiple CAF numbers to request each individual transcript.

  • POA Expiration: An expiration date for Power of Attorney forms can be added to a transcript request.

  • Statuses: Status messages have been improved and will now update automatically to help better visualize where your transcript request is in the gathering process.

  • Error Messaging: We have improved the transcripts error messaging to better assist you in the event of a failed transcript request. All of the transcript error messages can be viewed on the knowledge base in addition to our suggested steps for fixing the error.

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What's New for Canopy


Description: Canopy's modules have been broken down into the following modules: Client Management, Document Management, Workflow, Time & Billing, and Tax Resolution. These licenses can now be assigned to team members in the team member management settings. Additional licenses can also be purchased by Admin users in the app settings menu.

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