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June 2022
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Release Notes for June 2022

These release notes are updated periodically to give you an overview of Canopy's latest feature releases and bug fixes.

What's New for Practice Management

Updated Create Task Modal

Description: The create task modal now allows you to add client requests and subtasks when you create a task. Create your entire task workflow at once.

Learn more: Create a Task

Canopy Virtual Drive Beta

Description: We released the Canopy Virtual Drive to beta users. The Virtual Drive allows you to view, move, and edit all of your Canopy files on your desktop. All changes are automatically saved and re-uploaded to Canopy. You can also drag and drop files from your desktop to your Virtual Drive folders to easily transfer files to Canopy.

Task Automation Beta

Description: Task automation was released to beta users. Users are able to set automation rules on tasks to automate certain tedious tasks and improve their workflow.

Receive Payments without an Invoice (Retainers or Account Payments)

Description: Clients can now make payments to their accounts that are not associated with an invoice. This feature also makes accepting retainer payments possible. These payments are processed as credits in Canopy and can be applied to invoices by practitioners as needed.

Learn more: Make an Account Payment

What's New for Mobile

Canopy Mobile v 1.18.0

Description: The task dashboard has been updated to provide a better user experience. You can now view all of your task information on individual cards.

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