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Creating Teams
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Team members can be assigned to specific teams or groups in your account.

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Create Teams

Teams are essentially team member groups with certain capabilities, like different access and permissions that you can apply to several colleagues.

To create a team:

  1. Click on your profile pic or initials.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. On the left-hand side pane, select Team Organization.

  4. Then click the Teams tab.

  5. Click Create a Team.

  6. Name your team.

  7. Select team members to be part of this team.

  8. Add in a description of your team.

  9. Pick a color to represent your team.

  10. Select Create Team.

You may edit this team at any point by clicking the three dots icon inside the team pane and selecting Edit Team. You may add or remove team members this way.

Assign Teams to Clients

You can also choose to assign the team to specific clients. This is an easy way to all give team members access to the clients they are working with in one easy step.

To do this click on the three dots next to the team name and select Assign to Client.

If you have already added clients they will show up here.

To add clients:

  1. Click on the search bar.

  2. You can either type the name to filter or scroll through the dropdown.

  3. Check each client you want assigned to a team.

You can easily edit the clients on the list at any time by returning to this window and clicking the garbage bin to delete or add more from the search window.

You can also copy or reassign clients from other teams by clicking on the three dots next to the search bar. Here you can copy clients from another team, reassign clients from another team, assign all clients or remove all clients

Apply Teams for Folder Access

One powerful way to utilize teams is to set folder permissions (and more, as functionality grows) for different teams.

To apply folder access for teams:

  1. Click Templates on the global navigation bar.

  2. Select Folder.

  3. Select a previously made template and use the pencil icon to edit.

  4. Click on a folder in your structure - on the right, you can choose to have the entire team have access to this particular folder.

When you onboard new team members, you can add them to a specific team and have all of the team's permissions immediately apply to the new team member. In this way, you don't have to share each file and folder with new team members one file at a time.

We are always looking for other ways to utilize teams - so stay tuned!

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