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Creating Custom Fields
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Custom fields help you add more information about your contacts.

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  • Create Custom Fields

Custom Fields help you add source information about your contacts for marketing, sales, and service processes - this is especially useful as you are onboarding a new client.

You can add any custom fields you wish to include information about a contact that’s not already in Canopy.

To get started:

  1. Navigate to your profile pic or initials at the bottom of the primary navigation bar.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Custom Fields in the left-hand pane.

  4. Click Create Custom Field.

In this window, you’ll give the field a name and a type.

Field types include:

  • Text Input: a single line of free-form text.

  • Date: select a date from a calendar.

  • Dropdown Select: select an item from a list you create.

    • Example: Months of the year

  • Multi-Select: select multiple items from a list you create.

    • Example: states or jurisdictions

Then you can set the field to be for individuals, businesses, or both. Then hit Create!

Best Practice: We recommend using custom fields to store information such as routing and account numbers. To do so, select Text to enter alphanumeric characters here.

Once you’ve created the fields, they appear as interactive options when you create or edit a contact. Those appear in the contact window towards the bottom, where you can add whatever options of input you selected.

Editing a Custom Field

You might be wondering if you can edit a custom field. The answer is YES.....and no.

You can rename a custom field at any point, but you cannot change or edit the field type. You can also change which entities this field will apply to.

For example, if you had a field that was applied for both individuals and businesses, and you want to change it to individuals, any business clients you have will lose that field and its data from those records. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE. So be careful!!

You may also delete a custom field, but doing this will remove the field and its data from any contacts with it. As before, this cannot be undone!

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