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Creating Client Record Templates
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When importing multiple clients it is nice to have a client record template ready to go!

In this video:

  • Create a Client Record Template

  • Apply Client Record Template

  • Bulk Apply Template to Client Roles

Client Record Templates

We understand how tedious it can be to onboard new clients and enter the same information for each client such as roles, tags, and custom fields. Creating a client record template allows you to manage onboarding your clients records easier!

To create a new client record template select:

  • Templates

  • Client Record

Select Add template (top right corner)

      1. You will start by adding a template name. We suggest naming it based on the type of client record you are creating. Examples include: creating a template for all small businesses, or for a specific practitioner’s clients.

      2. Select if the client is an individual or business.

      3. Choose the type of client - client, other or prospect.

      4. Use the toggle to select the activation status of the client.

Keep in mind that you will only want to include the fields that relate to the client type you plan to apply this template to. You can leave any field blank that you would prefer to customize on a client by client basis.

      1. Under personal information you can choose a filing status and client owner.

      2. Next fill in any applicable information under custom fields. If you would like to learn how to create custom field check out this link.

      3. Roles can be selected using the drop downs. You can select as many users as applicable. You can learn more about roles here!

      4. Continue scrolling to add any tags. Tags are a great way to help organize your clients. Learn more about tags here.

When ready, click save! Your new template will populate on the template list. You can edit the list at anytime by clicking on it. You can also delete or duplicate any template by clicking on the three dots in line.

Apply a Client Record Template

It is easy to apply this template to a new client.

  • Click on the global plus button

  • Select Add Client.

  • Select Templates,

  • Choose the correct template from the menu.

POOF just like that your template is applied. You can continue to customize your clients information and save

Bulk Apply Client Roles

One more use for the templates is to quickly bulk apply client roles.

To do this you will go to your client list.

  • Select two or more clients.

  • In the bulk actions menu select the three dots, and then manage assignments.

  • At the top of this menu select Templates. Your client record templates will appear here. Select the template to apply the roles from that template to the clients selected.

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