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Creating Client Request Templates
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Client request templates can be made to automate your firm's client requests.

What's in this Video

  • Create Client Request Templates

  • Apply Client Request Templates to Task Templates

Create a Client Request Template

Client Request templates can be used when creating a Client Request. You can also add Client Request templates to task templates.

To create a Client Request Template:

  1. First, click Templates.

  2. Then select Client Request in the slide-in menu.

  3. Enter a name for your Client Request - if you are doing tax requests, then you name it “Send Forms”.

  4. Select a due date.

  5. Then add a client reminder:

    1. Select an option for which days to send a reminder. Options include:

    2. Then, Choose a duration from the For dropdown menu.

Below you can choose to add automation. Automation will help keep your workflow going and help notify team members when an action needs to be taken.

For example: Select the condition of “When the request has the status of” and then select “needs review”. Now you will select the action that will take place when this condition is met. I will choose “Then send team member notification” and select “all team members assigned to the request” You can learn more about automation here.

At the bottom of the template you have the option to add a file. You can add an existing file, or upload a new one.

It’s a best practice to consider adding instructions for the client as well, in the description! Since in this example the request is for forms, we could request a list of the following forms in the instructions.

As you build the client request template, you’ll see a workflow map display as well, to show the due date and the frequency of reminders.

Click Save when you’re ready!

Client Request templates are saved in your Template list.

Editing Client Request Templates

Remember - Admin users can edit all client request templates. Staff users can only edit the client request templates that they created.

From the list, select the three dots on the right side and select Edit. Now, you can make the necessary edits you need.

Once you have your client request template ready, you can apply them when you create a new request.

Click the global add button and select Create Client Request. In the window, select Template, and choose one from the list to apply.

Apply Client Request Templates to Task Templates

Canopy Tip! Client request templates can also be added to task templates to further streamline your workflow!

It goes without saying that this is most helpful when you have a standardized workflow, like a tax return and you want to automate the kind of reminders to clients like gathering forms or signatures.

When added to task templates, the client request template quickly completes a necessary client request in sequence with the task template.

  1. Let’s hop over to Templates.

  2. select Task Templates.

  3. Find a relevant tasks template

  4. Choose Edit in the three dots menu.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the workflow template and select Add a Client Request.

  6. Then click the Apply Template button.

Like before, you’ll select your desired template and now it’s part of your task workflow.

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