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Performing Bulk Actions
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In this article:

  • Use Bulk Actions:

    • Email

    • Folder Templates

    • Tasks and Task Templates

    • Organizers

    • Client Requests

    • Tags

Use Bulk Actions Menu

A bulk action is, well, an action, like sending an email to many clients all at once. If you need a quick turnaround on something that is faster than doing it one at a time, don’t balk - use bulk….actions!

Using them is easy. To use bulk actions in your Client List:

  • First, check the clients in your list who need the same thing done.

  • Scroll to the top-right of the client list where the Bulk Action Menu appears.

  • Click your desired action.

And now you’ve just bulked up your Canopy game!

Let’s get introduced to our most common bulk action: Email. Then touch on the other bulk actions at a high level since some of these topics are covered in other training.

Bulk Action: Send Emails

Sending bulk emails is handy when sending:

  • document reminders

  • tax legislation updates

  • annual newsletters

Go ahead and type a subject to begin writing a message.

But hold on! What’s this curious lightning bolt doing here?

This is the Insert Text option and it allows you to pipe in a client's first name, last name, business name, or phone number.

This adds a personal touch to each of your clients so let’s insert a space after a greeting (first name)- then click the bolt and select the first name. Now, your recipients of this email are greeted by their first names.


Canopy can send 250 bulk emails per day. If you wish to send more than 250 bulk emails, it will send your message to 250 email addresses one day, then 250 the next day, and so on until all of the emails have been sent.

Bulk Action: Create Tasks and Apply Task Templates

Next, is Tasks.

Tasks are jobs that you are doing for a client. For example, filing a 1040 return or bookkeeping process. This includes sub-tasks or steps to the overall process. You can also include client requests this way, which is especially nice because all of those clients receive that same request all at once in their client portals.

If you have a preferred Task Template, you can also enter that by clicking Templates in the Task menu.

Click on these links to learn more about Tasks and Task Templates.

Bulk Action: Send Client Requests

Next up, is Client Requests.

Client requests are used as a one-off request for information or files from your clients. These are sent through the Client Portal. You can send many requests at once with this feature.

Click on these links to learn more about Client Requests and Client Request Templates.

Bulk Action: Make Organizers

Organizers allow you to quickly gather and organize tax information from clients in one simple step. It's a simple survey.

You can apply that functionality across many clients, which is helpful if you are onboarding many tax clients all at once, and you need to gather their information in one swift step.

To learn more about Organizers, go here.

Bulk Action: Apply Folder Templates

Next, you can apply Folder Templates. If you are onboarding several new clients or importing a folder structure, this is an easy way to apply that to many clients at once.

You’ll need to have created a template for folders beforehand.

Learn more about Folder Templates here.

Additional Bulk Action

If you select the three dots next to these bulk action icons you can view a drop down of further bulk actions you can take this includes:

  • Copy files in bulk

  • Manage assignments

    • You can assign team members to specific roles for these clients.

  • Assign client owner

    • You can select a specific team member to be the client owner.

  • Tags

    • Tags are a customizable labels you assign to a client. This could include their location, services rendered or the associated team member.

  • Make clients inactive

  • Archive clients

Canopy Tip

The client list is not the only place you will find bulk action menus. For example, when you select multiple files in Canopy you have the option to:

  • Download

  • Move

  • Share

  • Make visible

  • Combine files

When in doubt you can hover over the icon to see what each bulk action does!

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