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Invite New Team Members to Canopy
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Invite Team Members From the Settings Page

1. Click on your profile on the global navigation bar.

2. Choose Settings on the pop-out menu.


3. In the left column, click Team Organization.


4. Click Invite new user in the top right corner of the Users screen.


5. Enter the team member’s email address.

If needed, check the Include a Welcome Message box and type a message in the space provided.

6. Click Next Step.


7. Click each license you want to assign to your new team member.


8. Click Next step.

9. Select a Permission Set to assign to your new team member.

For more information about permissions, refer to the Assign Access & Permission Sets‍ article.


10. Select Send invitation.

  • A notification pops up showing that the team member has been invited.

  • Your new team member will see an invitation to Canopy in their email inbox.

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