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Adding New Team Members
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Let’s learn the steps to inviting team members to Canopy!

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Invite a Team Member (User)

To invite new team members:

  1. Go to your profile.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Locate Team Organization on the left-hand pane and click it.

You’ll land on the Users tab. To invite a team member:

  1. Click Invite New User.

  2. Type in the new user’s email address.

  3. You can write a personalized message from scratch or use an email template.

  4. Click Next Step.

  5. Now, you'll assign licenses to certain Canopy modules (Time & Billing, Workflow, Document Management, etc.). Simply check to apply for this new team member.

  6. Finally, assign a Permission Set.

You’ll see a list of Permission Sets from your current Access and Permissions list in your account.

You can set a predetermined Permission Set here or use a custom one if you set it up already. Select one and then click Send Invitation to finish up. The team member is sent an email with instructions to log in and update their account.

Manage Existing Team Members (Users)

On the Users tab, you can view the list of all of your team members for your account, including:

  • Name - which also acts as a hyperlink to their profile and practitioner details

  • Current Permission Set - which you can change at any time

  • Last Login

  • Assigned Clients

  • And their Assigned teams

You can assign clients to team members at this stage - click on View & Manage.

Here you can assign certain clients to the practitioners on your team that they'll be working with.

Click Assign Clients and select from the menu of clients. You don’t need to do this step from here, but if you already have an idea of who’s working with whom - you are welcome to do it here!

Track Licenses

As you add new users and assign licenses, you can keep track of the number of licenses and subscriptions under Account Management on the left-hand pane under Settings.

This page keeps track of all the usage for Canopy subscriptions and licenses.

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