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Purchase Product Licenses
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You can purchase additional licenses for your Canopy subscription directly within the Canopy's settings page. Only admin users with account management permissions can purchase, assign, and un-assign licenses from a user.

Purchase Product Licenses

1. Navigate to the Settings page on the global navigation bar and click Account Management on the left-side column.


2. Scroll to locate the add-on you would like to purchase more licenses for.

If you have not already purchased the applicable add-on for your account, you will need to contact Canopy's Support Team.

4. Input the number of additional licenses you would like to purchase.

  • The window updates to show the annual cost for the additional licenses and the new annual cost for all licenses, including those you are currently purchasing.

  • License rates are prorated depending on when your contract with Canopy started. You can determine this date by viewing your Next renewal date.

  • If your account has a current Balance due, you must pay that balance before purchasing additional licenses.

5. Click Continue.

6. Verify your payment and purchase information and click Confirm and pay.

If you see a mistake with your purchase, please contact Canopy's Support Team.

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