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Create a Custom Email Signature
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Canopy users can create a custom email signature that is applied to all emails sent by that user in Canopy. This signature can be customized to include text, pictures, links, and lists.

If you haven't already, be sure to Connect an Email Account.

Create a Custom Email Signature

1. Click on your profile on the global navigation bar and select Settings on the pop-out menu.


2. Choose Email & Calendar from the second column on the left.


3. Select the email you want to add a custom signature to.

Each email account connected to Canopy can use a separate signature.


4. Type any relevant text into the Email Signature box.

You can utilize the tools in the toolbar to bold, italicize, underline, change font size, add ordered and unordered lists, increase or decrease the indent, or add a hyperlink.


5. To add a picture to your email signature, click on the Insert Image icon.

  • Select an image and click Open.

  • The image will be placed where your cursor is positioned in the text box.

  • Images must be smaller than 750kb to be included in a signature.


6. Your changes will be automatically saved.

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