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Syncing Email & Calendar
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In this article:

  • Sync Email and Calendar

  • Email Settings

  • Use the Inbox

  • Use the Calendar

Sync Email

To sync your email and calendar:

  1. Go to your initials or profile picture at the bottom left corner

  2. Select Settings

  3. Look for and select Email & Calendar

If you haven’t synced your email account yet, you’ll see an option to add Email Account. You have the option to sync:

  • Gmail or Google Apps

  • Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

  • Or other providers like Hotmail, MSN and Outlook

Select your option and what to sync - by default, it's both email and calendar. Then hit select.

Afterwards, you’ll be guided through some menus to connect your account.

You’ll have the option to import contacts based on your email interactions with that email address. You can choose to add the contact type and entity (individual or business). You may choose to ignore this step for now, by leaving it as-is.

Select Finish to wrap this up!

Canopy Tip!

Let’s talk about limitations: in Canopy, there is no limit to how many emails are connected. However, you can only sync 1 calendar to Canopy at a time!

Email Settings

On this screen, you have several settings you can add to customize your preferred workflow:

  • By default, email correspondence between you and a contact will automatically sync when you add a new contact and their email address. This simply means that any correspondence you’ve already had with a contact will migrate to Canopy.

  • Select Share permission to reply and send from this email account to allow specific team members to send and reply to emails using the selected account.

  • Select Share full permissions for this email account to allow specific team members full access to the selected account. These users are then able to reply to, view, delete, and send using the selected account.

Lastly, you can add your own email signature at the bottom of settings.

  • You can add add text

  • Change the formatting

  • Add hyperlinks

  • And add a picture!

You can sync multiple accounts to your account as well, by clicking Add Account.

Using the Inbox

Now you can view your inbox in Canopy:

  1. Select Inbox in the primary navigation bar

You are able to see your inbox as you would if you were using it directly, including the ability to create, respond and forward emails.

You can also initiate an email to a client or team member by clicking on the global plus button and selecting Email.

All Emails synced from your email providers are accessible from the inbox or a client record. At the Inbox, you can toggle between multiple email accounts that you personally manage and have access to.

In the client record, you can see a record of ANY email sent from a Canopy user in your firm to that specific client.

Viewing the Calendar

You can view your synced calendar by clicking on the Calendar icon at the bottom.

You’ll notice that all your events currently in your calendar synced here in Canopy. This also includes other calendars that you are subscribed to.

Shared Calendars:

At this time, Canopy only supports shared or group calendars through Google Gmail accounts. Outlook shared calendars are not supported!

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