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Create Tags
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Tags are a way for you to label and organize your clients. Once you've applied a tag to your clients, you can quickly filter and view all clients with the same tag. You can also create as many tags as you need.

Best Practice: We recommend creating all of your tags in Canopy before importing clients. This will streamline your import process.

Create Tags

1. Click on your profile on the global navigation bar and choose Settings from the pop-out menu.


2. Click Tags.


3. Click Add new Tag.


4. Enter a New tag name in the field provided.

  • If the name already exists, the Add button will remain greyed out.

  • Some suggestions for tags to enter into your system include the following:

    • Services you provide

    • Client’s profession

    • Priority level

    • How you know the person

5. Click Add.

  • To close the window, click cancel.

  • Your new tag will show on the Tags screen.

  • Tag names are listed in alphabetical order.

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