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Add Tags to Your .CSV
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We recommend you add tags in Canopy before adding tags to your client import .CSV file. If you add tags to your .CSV file that are not present in Canopy, the system will simply add them to your list of tags. To get started, open your client import file on your computer.

Add Tags to Your .CSV

1. Make sure your .CSV file includes a Tag(s) column.

2. Enter a tag for each client on your spreadsheet.

  • You can add multiple tags to a single client but each tag needs to be separated by a comma.

  • These tags should correspond with the tags you have set up in Canopy. If they do not, Canopy will add any tags that do not already exist in the system.

3. Import your .CSV file with the saved changes.

You’ll be able to map the Tags column in your .CSV file to the column in Canopy. Refer to Import Clients to Canopy for more details.

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