Create Boilerplate Text for Templates
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Boilerplate text can be used to store common information that your team members frequently use when creating letters in Canopy.

Create Boilerplate Text for Templates

1. Click Templates on the global navigation bar and select Boilerplate Letter Text from the secondary menu.


Canopy Tip: You can organize boilerplate text by category and text item. Our best practice tip is to organize your boilerplate text according to the services you offer (i.e. Collections, Tax Resolution, Bookkeeping, etc).

2. Click Add a category to create a boilerplate text category.


3. Once you've created a category, click Add boilerplate to create a new boilerplate text item in that category.

If a category already has a boilerplate text item in it, click + Add boilerplate text to add additional text items.


4. Enter a Boilerplate Title in the provided text box.

5. In the Boilerplate Content box, add any text you want.


6. Click Add boilerplate to create the boilerplate item in the associated category.

Now, when composing an engagement letter, you can quickly add the boilerplate item by clicking Insert boilerplate text, selecting the proper category, and clicking on the relevant item.

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