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Canopy's Global Inbox brings all of your emails into the Canopy app to help speed up your workflow and eliminate the need to have multiple windows open at once. Within the global inbox, you can read, delete, archive, and reply to all of your emails. You can also email your Canopy clients and attach Canopy files to your drafted emails. To get started with the global inbox, make sure that you've connected an email account‍ to Canopy.

Use the Global Inbox

1. Click on the Inbox icon on the global navigation bar.

  • This icon will update with a red number circle, indicating the number of unread emails in your inbox.

  • The global inbox will open to the Inbox folder by default.

2. Change which folder to display by clicking the folder dropdown menu.

Select an available folder to view.

3. Select an email in the left-side column to open the email conversation.

4. Click on the Star icon to mark an email as a Favorite.

5. Click on the checkbox next to each email to select multiple emails and view bulk email actions.

  • Bulk email actions include Mark as unread, Mark as read, Archive, and Delete.

  • Some folders, such as Drafts and Deleted, will not show all of the bulk email options.

  • Emails cannot be permanently deleted from within Canopy. To permanently delete an email, please do so from your email provider's native application.

6. Change your selected email account by clicking the Account drop-down menu in the top right corner.

  • Select a different account that is connected to Canopy.

  • Click +Add Email Account to connect an additional account to Canopy.

7. Search your inbox by typing in the top Search bar.

  • Your search will search through emails, client names, and text included in any email attachments.

  • Please refer to the following links for search operators that will work with your email provider: Gmail, Exchange/Outlook, Yahoo, or any basic IMAP email provider.

8. To send an email, click Create email.

9. Search for your Canopy clients in the Add recipients box.

You can open additional boxes for CCs and BCCs by clicking their associated links.

10. Input a Subject in the subject box.

11. Use Canopy's editing tools to compose your email.

You can set up a custom email signature‍ by following our knowledge base guide.

12. Click on the Attachment icon to attach a new file or an existing file from Canopy files.

  • Existing files can be added from Client files, Internal files, or My files in Canopy.

  • Select a file and click Choose to add the file to your email.

13. When ready, click Send in the top-right corner.

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