Create a Client From the Global Inbox
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Create a Client From the Global Inbox

1. Open a relevant email in the global inbox and click on the Add to Clients icon.

  • Canopy will try to pull information from the email to pre-fill the Add Client modal.

  • You can also click on the dropdown arrow next to multiple email addresses (besides the To, CC, or BCC fields) to add a client from those email addresses.

  • If an email address already exists as a client in Canopy, the icon next to their name will be three dots with options to view the client or send an email.

2. Indicate whether this new client is an Individual or a Business.

Some fields will differ after selecting Business.

Alternatively, you can choose a client record template at the top of the Add Client window.


3. Enter the client's name.

Required fields have an asterisk (*) next to them.


4. Select the client type.

If needed, enter a Client Since date.


5. Mark the client as Active or Inactive.

For more information about Active and Inactive clients, refer to the Marking connections as inactive clients article.


6. Enter the client's contact information.

  • Some of the available information fields:

    • Email address

    • Phone number

    • Address

  • You can click Add [phone, email, or address] to add additional contact information.

7. Add your client's personal information.

  • Available information fields:

    • Birth date

    • Occupation

    • Employer

    • Client Owner

    • Source

    • Client ID

  • Options will vary for Business clients.

8. Enter any additional information to the record.

This includes Custom Fields, Roles, and Tags.


9. Click Create and manage to navigate to the client record.

Click Create and close to save your client and resume other work in Canopy.

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