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Work with Emails and Tasks From the Global Inbox
Work with Emails and Tasks From the Global Inbox
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New tasks can be created within an email in the global inbox. Some of the task's information fields pre-fill using the information from the email, such as:

  • Task Name

  • Client

  • Email fields

Tasks created from an email in the global inbox will have the email attached so that users can quickly access the email while working on the task.

Only the owner of a specific email can work with the email overlay in the task workspace.

Create a Task From the Global Inbox

1. Navigate to the Global Inbox in Canopy and open a relevant email.

2. Click on the Create task icon in the top-right.


A dropdown menu shows how many tasks have been created for the selected email. You can click on each task to navigate to the created task from the email.


3. Fill out any relevant information for the new task. Some information will be pulled from the email to pre-populate the Create Task modal.

  • If an email contains multiple clients in the thread, the Client field will be left blank.

  • Emails can be attached to both new and existing tasks.

4. As needed, click Template to select a template for the new task.

Select a Template and click Apply.

5. After entering all relevant task information, click Create and manage to proceed to the task workspace.


Alternatively, click Create and Close to return to the global inbox.

Dynamic Placeholders: Many firms, especially with a bookkeeping emphasis, like to use monthly tasks with the same name, which can get confusing. You can use Dynamic Placeholders, which add unique details to task names for easy organization.


An example of this is ##{{clientname}} ##{{currentmonthandyearnum}}. When the task is created, the task name is replaced with the client name from the client record and the current month and year, in numerical form.


Attach an Email to an Existing Task

1. Within the Global Inbox, select an email.


2. Select the Attach to Task icon.


3. In the search bar that populates, start typing the task name you want to attach the email to.


You can also search by client name or keyword.

4. Select as many tasks as you'd like from the list.


5. Review attached tasks by clicking the dropdown arrow next to x Tasks attached.


6. To add the email to more tasks, click on the Attach to Task icon to scroll or search the list.


Manage a Task on the Task Workspace

1. Start a timer for the task by clicking the Timer icon (a watch).

2. Set a task's priority by clicking the priority tag.

Select from High, Medium, Low, or No Priority.

3. Change the Status of a task by clicking on the status dropdown.

Select a preset status, or add a custom status.

4. If needed, select Add a tool in the Work tab of the Workspace.

5. Add a File or a Note to the task by clicking the associated tabs.

6. Add subtasks to the task by clicking Add a subtask.

7. If the task was created from an email, the Email tab is visible. Click on the Email to open the email in a new overlay.

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