Record the Date of an Event
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Record the date of an event when a task status is reached.

Recipe Overview

As you finish up tasks, like completing an e-filing or wrapping up bookkeeping for the month, you may want to record the date of the completion. In Canopy, you can mark the exact date when this happens.

What you'll need:

  • a Date Type (Start Date, Due Date or Custom Date)

Making a Custom Date: If you want to use a custom date and title, instead of a Start or Due Date, you can make it right in the Task! Here's how:

  1. In the Task, click Add a Date.

  2. Click on the Date Type dropdown.

  3. In the dropdown, type in the Custom Date Type title (i.e. e-File Complete).

  4. Press Enter or the + button in the box to add it.


The Custom Date title is now saved and ready for use. You don't need to assign a date to it at this time since with this automation, the date is assigned when an event happens.

Make the Recipe

First, head to a Task or Task Template where you'd like to make this rule.

  1. In the Task, click Add Automation.

  2. Select Condition when the task has status of.

  3. Select a status.

  4. Select Action then record the date.

  5. Then choose your desired date you'd like to record.


Now, when the Task has reached a completed status, the e-File Completed date (our Custom Date) is automatically recorded.

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