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Send an Automatic Confirmation Email to Clients
Send an Automatic Confirmation Email to Clients
Updated over a week ago

It's a nice touch to confirm when you've received a client's documents after your client has responded to a request.

Recipe Overview

This automation rule is a nice way of letting a client know you've received their document or acknowledging that they have completed the client request you sent them. This rule takes advantage of Client Request default statuses (With client, Needs review, and Completed).

What you'll need:

  • a Client Request

  • an Email Template

Make the Recipe

First, head to a Task or Task Template where you'd like to make this rule.

  1. On your Client Request, Select Add an Automation.

  2. Select Condition as “When the request has a status of”.

  3. Then choose the status as "Needs Review" or "Completed" (Needs review is when a client request has come back to you)

  4. Select Action as “then send a client email”

  5. In the next dropdown, select the email template to send back to them.

  6. Enter an email to receive replies. You can also preview your email by selecting preview email.

  7. Click Add Automation.

Now, once the Client Request is completed by the client, the status of the request defaults to Needs review. Once that happens, an email confirmation is sent to the client.

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