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Sending a Client Request
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In this article:

  • Create a Client Request

Create a Client Request

You can use client requests to:

  • schedule automatic reminder emails

  • comment on the information your client sends you,

  • and track the progress of each request.

You can also send and receive as many requests as you need.

To create a client request:

  1. Click on the global + button

  2. Select Client Request in the menu

The client request window pops up and is ready for action.

  1. Type in a Request name for the client request.

  2. Assign the request to a Client using the provided dropdown.

  3. Use the toggle to add this request to an existing Task.

    1. For example if you are requesting forms related to the tax extension you are processing. Add to an existing task to consolidate your workflow process.

  4. Assign a Priority status to the request.

  5. Using the Description text box, add any instructions for the request.

  6. Assign any relevant Team Members to the request using the Assignee(s) dropdown.

  7. Add a due date for your client by clicking the Client due date field.

  8. Click the Reminders field to schedule reminder emails to be sent to your client.

  9. Select a time interval from the two drop-down menus.

    1. For example, you can select Every Monday and 15 days to indicate you wish for a reminder email to be sent to your client every Monday for the next 15 days or until the client completes the request, whichever occurs first.


Your client also can 'snooze' reminders until the following Monday. Each reminder email has a link to pause reminders.

You can also add Automation.

This is helpful to keep the request moving forward. There are several options of how to automate. Select the first step you would like to automate, you can continue to add automation until you have all the steps you want. If you would like to learn more about the task automation process you can watch this video.

Send now to send the request to your client right away. Alternatively, click Save as draft to save the request and come back to it later.

Note that if you haven’t invited this client to the client portal, a window will pop up to give you the opportunity to do that before the request is sent.

Enter the Task Workspace

After the request is sent, you can enter the task view for the client request. Click on View Request in the pop up at the bottom of the page.

You’ll see the title of the request, the due date, and team members assigned to the request here. And the priority and status on the right.

Every client request and task can be assigned a status. By default, the client request status is with a client because we sent this to them already. You can change the status by clicking the dropdown.

You can also add notes, and files, and edit the reminder schedule as well.

If you click on the client's name at the top you will be taken to their client record. You can view all the tasks and client requests associated with the client from the task tab in their record.

You can quickly edit the status or priority here, or you can click on the task name to go back to the task view.

You can also view all of your client requests under the Tasks module, in the global navigation.

  1. In the global navigation, select Tasks

  2. Then, click Task List.

Here, you can see the newly created request we just sent earlier. As you start to accumulate more and more requests and work, it might be easier to track all that here.

Like before, clicking on a request title brings you to the task view.

You can also send client request in bulk. If you would like to learn how, check out this video.

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