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Sending Bulk Client Requests
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In this article:

  • Send Bulk Client Requests

  • Send Bulk Drafted Client Requests

Send Bulk Client Requests

To send a bulk action request:

  1. Click Clients

  2. Then select Client List.

  3. Select two or more clients to send a request to.

Once you’ve selected the clients you need, several icons appear in the page header, in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

This is the bulk action menu. Look for the one with a person profile with paper airplane to send bulk client requests.

The next thing you’ll see is a pop-up window with several options:

  • You can add a request name (or a template you’ve created beforehand)

  • You can confirm clients that you just selected

    • If any of those clients have not been invited to the client portal, those client names are displayed underneath.

  • You can also appoint a priority level.

  • Add an optional description in the text field

Lastly, you can:

  • Assign someone from your firm

    • This might be important if a team member is away from the office, you can assign another team member to keep the process going along with your client.

  • Determine the client due date

  • And add a client reminder

Not all fields are required, so feel free to include the options you need.

You can also add automation.

This is helpful to keep the request moving forward. There are several options of how to automate. Select the first step you would like to automate, you can continue to add automation until you have all the steps you want. If you would like to learn more about the task automation process you can watch this video.

Once you are ready, click Send Now.

The request is sent to the selected clients and a popup message indicates here that your request is being created with the option to view in your activity log.


Remember, that if a client has not been invited to the Client Portal, those client requests are saved as drafts. After you have invited the clients to the portal you can send all drafted requests at once

Send Bulk Drafted Client Requests

Now, let’s see this in action for drafts of client requests, which are stored in Canopy until you are ready to send.

To view your drafted client requests:

  1. Go to Work.

  2. Select Task Lists.

  3. Navigate to the All Work tab.

Also - you may see client requests in draft form in this list that you have added as subtasks to a task workflow. You will have the ability to send those requests all at once without opening every task individually, which saves you a lot of time. Nice!

You can locate and verify Drafts under the Status column.

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow in the Status column

  2. Select Draft

  3. Click Apply Filter

Now, you should only see Drafts in your task list.

To select multiple requests:

  1. Hold your Shift key on your keyboard while clicking to select the client requests you want to send.

  2. Then, right-click to open the actions menu.

  3. In the menu, select send client requests

A pop-up window appears and displays a list of all the clients you plan to send the requests to. It also displays any clients that have not yet been invited to a client portal.

Once you’ve reviewed the list, you can go ahead and select Send.

Now, all those drafted client requests are sent to your clients that have previously been sent an invitation to or logged into their client portal.

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