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Create Folder Templates
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To assign a folder template to clients, you need to first create folder templates.

Create Folder Templates

1. Click Templates on the global navigation bar and then Folder.


2. Click Create New.


In the Create Folder Template window, enter a Template Name and Template Description.


3. Click Create new folder to start building your folder structure.

  • Input a name for the folder.

  • Press Enter on your keyboard to save.


4. To add a sub-folder, click the Add a folder icon in line with the desired parent folder.


5. Input a folder name and press Enter on your keyboard.

Folders can be renamed or deleted by clicking on the options menu in line with the applicable folder and selecting the necessary option.


6. Click on the Add folder icon in to add additional main folders to the template.


7. Click on a folder to view the folder's Permissions access.


8. Select which teams or team members to grant access to the selected folder.

Refer to the Assign Team Permissions to Folders article for more information on team folder access.โ€


9. After you have created your desired folder structure, click Save template to save the structure for later use.

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