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Send a Client File Using a Secure Link
Send a Client File Using a Secure Link
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Send a Client File Using a Secure Link

When you send a file with a secure link, recipients receive an email (to the one you want) with a secure link that allows them to open and view the file in a browser. They don't need to have access to the client portal or even have to be one of your clients (used for third parties like lawyers).

You can send, re-send, or revoke access to a file at any time. You can also send a file to multiple recipients at once.

Learn more about Secure Links here!

1. Click Files on the global navigation bar and choose Client Files.


2. Locate and select the file you want to send.

If needed, search for the file by typing the name in the Search your files search bar.


3. Right-click the file to show more options.


4. Click Send file link.


Send file link vs. Share file: There is a difference between the Send file link option and the Share file option in Canopy. Send file link is used to send secure links to third parties, or users who do not have access to the client's portal. Share file is used only to send files to users with client portal access. You can also use both of these options to send files to other team members.

5. Add the recipient(s) with whom you would like to send the file.


Clicking the Add recipients field populates a list of Clients and Team Members associated with the file.


To add an external recipient like a bookkeeper or lawyer, type in the email and select the checkbox next to the listed email. Don't forget to click Done!


6. To add a personal message, toggle on the Include a personalized message.

Optionally, you can use a Template here.


7. Select the date field to set a Link expiration date.

  • Take note that the minimum requirement for link expiration is 2 days from creation.

  • The expiration date also cannot exceed 2 weeks from creation.


8. Click Send now to send the file to recipients.


The following window populates when the file is successfully sent.


Manage Sent Client Files

1. Right-click on the sent file.

2. Select Send file link.


3. Add more recipients by clicking the Add recipients field.


4. Click the dropdown box next to File Link Recipients to View active links only or View recipient history.


5. Edit and resend the link for a recipient by clicking the rounded arrow icon.

This is a good feature if you need to extend or shorten the expiration for a recipient.


6. Select the 'X' icon to Remove link access for the recipient.


7. Click Done to finish up!

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