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Download Files
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Files can be downloaded individually, or in bulk as a .zip file. You can download files from anywhere your files are stored in Canopy.

Download Files

1. Click Files on the global navigation bar and select the file location you want to download from.

Options include Client Files, Internal Files, or My Files.

  • If you pick Client Files, open the folder of the client whose files you want to download.


2. Select the files you want to download by clicking on them.

  • Hold Shift and Click to select all of the files between your first and second click.

  • Hold Control and Click to select multiple, non-sequential files.

  • You can also select entire folders, as needed.


3. Right-click on one of the selected files.

4. Choose Download from the pop-out menu.

The files will be zipped and a dialog box will appear to show you the download status.

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