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Manage PDF Pages
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Canopy has a selection of built-in PDF manipulation tools to help you manage your PDF files stored in Canopy. You can rotate, delete, and move pages, as well as drag documents into the area of the page to add them to the PDF.

Manage PDF Pages

1. Double-click on a PDF file to open Canopy's file previewer.


2. Click on the Panel icon to open the pages panel.


3. Click and drag a page to move it to a new location in the document.


4. Click on the left or right Rotate icons to rotate a page in the specified direction.


5. Click on the Delete icon to remove a page from the PDF.


6. Drag and drop files from your desktop to the pages panel to add the file to your PDF.

File types that can be dragged into a PDF include PDF, PDF/A, XFDF, FDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, JPG, and PNG.

7. Select any pages from the drawer and click Extract to download a new file for the selected pages.

  • You can also input the desired pages to extract in the provided text box.

  • You can re-upload this downloaded file by dragging it into a client's files.

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