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Merge Files Into a New PDF
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Unless encrypted, the following file types can be converted and combined into a PDF in Canopy: csv, docx, eml, html, msg, ods, odt, pptx, rtf, xls, xlsm, xlsx, jpeg, jpg, png, doc, ppt, bmp, emf, jp2, tif, tiff, htm, html, txt, xod, and xps.

Multiple files of different formats can be merged and converted to a single PDF with just a few quick clicks in Canopy. Files can be merged on the Files tab of the client record.

Merge Files Into a New PDF

1. Navigate to a Client Record and click on the Files tab.


2. Select the Files you want to merge.

  • Hold Shift and Click to select all of the files between your first and second click.

  • Hold Control and Click to select multiple, non-sequential files.


3. With the relevant files selected, Right Click on one of the files to open a pop-up window.


4. Select Combine Files from the popup window.


One or two boxes will appear. If a file is unable to be combined, it will show up in a second box titled Files that can't be combined.


5. Enter a File Name for the combined file.


6. Move files around to change their location on the combined file.


7. Select whether to Archive the original files or Keep the original files.


8. Click Next.


9. Choose where to save the combined file.


10. Click Combine and save.

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