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Install the Desktop Assistant
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The Desktop Assistant enables you to select files from your computer and send them to a client's folder in Canopy without navigating back and forth between your local files and your Canopy account. With the Desktop Assistant, you can also edit files in Canopy using your preferred application on your computer and have the file automatically re-upload to Canopy.

Windows Installation Process

1. Click Download for Windows on the Desktop Assistant landing page.

Alternatively, you can click here.


2. Click on the .msi file you just downloaded to launch the installer.

  • Windows will ask you to confirm that you allow Canopy Desktop Assistant to make changes to your device. Click Yes to allow the installer to install the Desktop Assistant.

  • The installer will proceed to install the Desktop Assistant on your computer.


3. In the window that pops up, select Install.


4. Once the User Account Control window populates, click Yes.


If a Windows Security Alert message displays, select Private or Public Networks and Allow access.


5. In the Taskbar, click the Desktop Assistant icon to open it.


6. Click Sign in on the Canopy popup.


7. Enter your login credentials on the web browser popup.

  • Once you log in, you can close out of the browser window.

  • You can now access the desktop assistant at any time by clicking on the Desktop Assistant icon on your application tray.

  • For help using the Desktop Assistant, please refer to our Desktop Assistant articles.

MacOS Installation Process

1. Click Download for Mac on the Desktop Assistant landing page.

Alternatively, you can click here.


2. Open the downloaded desktop assistant package.


3. Click Continue.


4. Print or Save the Software License Agreement, as desired.

Click continue to proceed with the installation process.


5. Click Agree to acknowledge the license agreement.


6. Click Install to install the Desktop Assistant on your main hard drive.

If you would like to install the application in a different place on your computer, click Change Install Location...


7. Log in, if prompted, and wait for the installation to complete.

8. Click Close.

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