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Edit a File With the Desktop Assistant
Edit a File With the Desktop Assistant
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Canopy's Desktop Assistant allows you to edit files in Canopy using native editing applications on your computer. When you choose a file to edit in Canopy, the Desktop Assistant opens the file in the designated application on your computer. Make any needed edits and save your file. The Desktop Assistant automatically updates the file in Canopy to reflect your edits.

To use Canopy's File Editing feature, you must have the Desktop Assistant installed on your computer. To install the Desktop Assistant, please visit the Desktop Assistant download page.

Edit a File With the Desktop Assistant

1. Right-click on a relevant File in Canopy.


2. Select Edit file from the popup menu.

  • The Canopy Desktop Assistant launches the file in the default application on your computer.

    • i.e. If you have Microsoft Excel selected as your default program to open .CSV files, your .CSV file will open in Microsoft Excel.

  • While your file is being edited with the Desktop Assistant, the file will be Locked in Canopy, preventing other users from altering the file.


3. Make any necessary edits to your file within the associated application.

4. When finished, click Save.

  • Do not click Save As or change the file name or location.

  • The Desktop Assistant will re-upload your file to Canopy and your file will be unlocked.

Warning: Please make sure to click Save. Changing the name or file location will prevent the Desktop Assistant from uploading your file edits back to Canopy.

5. Files that are still Open in the Desktop Assistant can be viewed under the Open edits tab.


6. If the file doesn't automatically re-upload to Canopy, click Sync to Canopy to manually sync the file.


Unlock Files that are Locked by the Desktop Assistant

Files that are opened by the Desktop Assistant are locked on Canopy until the edited file is re-uploaded to Canopy. While files are locked, other users cannot alter the file in Canopy. Only the user who has opened the file, or those with the Unlock Files permission can unlock a file. Unlocking a file cancels any file edits and reverts the file to its previous version in Canopy.

1. Navigate to the locked file in Canopy.

2. Right-click on the file to open a popup menu.

3. Select Unlock file from the popup menu.


Note that any changes made to that file will not be saved!

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