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Create a Billing Credit
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A billing credit, also known as a credit invoice or credit memo, is a way to detail a refund or credit to an invoice. For example, you may issue a billing credit if a customer asks for a refund or if you decide to give a customer a credit for any reason, like a promotional offer.

Before a billing credit can be added to an invoice, you need to create the credit on the Credits Dashboard. Canopy's Credits feature allows you to credit a client's account.

To learn how to apply a billing credit to an invoice, click here.

Create a Billing Credit

1. To get started, click Billing on the left primary navigation bar.

2. Choose Credits from the slide-in menu to open the Credits Dashboard.


3. Click Create credit.


4. Select a client using the Client Name box.


5. Select a Date.

The date will default to the current day.


6. Complete the credit information. Fields will be automatically filled according to your defined Service Item‍. Relevant fields include:

  • Service: Name of the credit.

  • Description: Description of the credit.

  • Quantity: Number of credits.

  • Rate: Amount to be credited.


7. Add a note to the Client Notes box.


8. Input any terms and conditions related to the credit.


9. Click Save credit.

The credit will be added to your Credits Dashboard.

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