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Make an Additional Payment - Practitioner
Make an Additional Payment - Practitioner
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Take Note: You can make an additional payment for a client only if you registered with Canopy Payments as an Organization. Individual entities do not have this capability.

Additional payments (sometimes referred to as retainers, or non-invoiced payments) give clients the ability to make non-specific payments toward their account balance. Typically, clients make additional payments if they want to prepay for a service they know is coming up, or they would rather their accountant decide which invoice to pay down.

Additional payments are stored as Credits in Canopy and can be allocated by the accountant as desired. For more information about applying additional payment credits to invoices, please refer to Apply a Billing Credit to an Invoiceโ€. These actions can also be taken from the payments dashboard.

Make an Additional Payment

1. Click on the Global + Button and select Payment from the secondary navigation.

This will open the Create a Payment modal.


2. Select a Client to add the additional payment in the Client name field.


3. In the Additional Payment section, toggle on the switch.


4. Add a description of the payment.

This description might be Retainer or Pre-payment for X service.


5. Input a payment amount in the provided box.


6. Click Continue.


7. The Payment date will default to the current date. If needed, change the payment date to a future date.


8. Use the Select payment method dropdown to select a payment method.

  • Individual entities signed up with Canopy Payments only have options for Cash, Check, and Other.

  • If this is an Organization entity on the Canopy Payments account, you can choose from a saved payment method, or select a new payment method and input the payment details.


9. If needed, click + Add a note to the payment.


10. Click Continue to go to the confirmation modal.


11. Click Confirm and pay to create a credit for the additional payment.


12. Click Done.

  • You can quickly enter additional payments by clicking Make Another Payment.

  • Print or Download the receipt by clicking the associated icons.


What's Next?

The additional payment will be saved as a credit. You can then apply that credit to an invoice, as needed. Follow the Apply a Billing Credit to an Invoiceโ€ article for more.

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