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Make a Payment on Mobile
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The Client Portal App billing tab allows clients to:

  • Review outstanding balances

  • Manage current invoices

  • View payment history

  • Make payments toward balances

Make a Payment on Mobile

1. In the Client Portal app, navigate to the Billing section to see your outstanding balance and current invoices.


2. Tap Make a payment.

  • Tap an individual Invoice to view and pay that invoice.

  • Select the Payments tab to see a list of all previously made payments.

  • If the firm is not enrolled in Canopy payments, your practitioner's billing information pops up. Contact them directly to make a payment.

3. Select which invoices you want to pay.

To make a partial payment for an invoice, change the number in that invoice's Amount to pay box.


4. Tap Continue.


5. Select which payment method to use.

You can also add other payment methods (credit cards or ACH).


6. Tap Submit Payment to pay your selected invoices.


7. Tap Done to close the confirmation screen.


Manage the Wallet Feature

Depending on the payment processor your accountant signed up with, you may have an extra feature to work within the app called Wallet. This is where you can manage and add more payment methods to your account.

  • Select Add payment method at the bottom of the screen to add cards and bank accounts to your wallet.

  • Manage a saved payment method by selecting the three stacked dots in line with the method. The options listed are to Set as default, Edit, and Delete credit card/bank account.


Pay With a Credit Card in the Client Portal App

If your practitioner enabled surcharging, your experience looks like this when you pay by credit card in the Client Portal App.

1. Log in to your client portal and tap the Billing tab.


2. Review the acceptable payment methods.


Canopy Tip: Select the info icon to read the Processing Fee Disclosure.


3. Tap the Make a payment option.


4. Select the invoices you want to pay and press Continue.

You also have the option to enter a partial payment amount in the Amount to pay field of a selected invoice.


5. Select a Payment method.

You can press the Add payment method option if needed.


6. Review your payment and the associated processing fees.


Just so you know, fees are not applied when paying with ACH.


Please Note: Processing fees are only applied when you make a credit card payment in the Client Portal. If you don't see this, your practitioner may not have opted into the surcharge experience. No worries!

7. Tap Submit Payment.


8. Once the Payment Confirmation screen populates, tap Done.


Apple Pay

You can now make payments to your practitioner using Apple Pay! When you make a payment from the Client Portal on an iOS device, you'll see Apple Pay as a payment option.

Important things to note:

  • It will not be available on the web — just the Canopy Client Portal for iOS

  • If surcharging is enabled, Apple Pay is not available

  • We can’t differentiate between credit and debit, so all Apple Pay transactions show as credit card

  • Processing fees will be in line with existing credit card fees

When you click to pay, there is a Pay with Apple Pay button that you can use.

Confirm to pay with Apple Pay by double-clicking the side button on your device.

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