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Enable Surcharge for Client Portal Payments
Enable Surcharge for Client Portal Payments
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Important Notes:

  • Surcharging only applies to credit cards, not debit cards.

  • The surcharging feature is not available in Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, or Puerto Rico.

  • This is only available for firms enrolled with our new third-party payment processor.

Enable Surcharge for Client Portal Payments

1. Go to your profile picture/initials and select Settings.


2. Select the Billing Settings section.


3. Click on the Payments tab.


4. Toggle the switch to green to Enable surcharging for client portal payments.

Please Note: Surcharging is not available for payments that you create. You still assume all fees for these payments. This applies to recurring payments as well.

Refunds: When a transaction is refunded, it also includes a refund for the processing fee.
โ€‹Scheduled payments: Surcharges are not included in payments connected to recurring invoices.


5. Click the Mastercard hyperlink to submit the required Merchant Surcharge Form.


Please Note: This form is only required by Mastercard. Mastercard guidelines need you to submit surcharge forms 30 days before use. This is your responsibility to fill out the forms.

Merchant Surcharge Form Tip: Under the Acquirer/Processor section of the surcharge form, enter Canopy as the company name.

6. Once you've submitted the form for Mastercard, select Completed.


Canopy Tip: Canopy entrusts you to follow Mastercard regulations. Canopy is not liable for non-compliance.

After completing the steps, the Enable surcharging for client portal payments toggle shows the date you submitted the forms. The gray toggle switches to green and activates surcharging 30 days after submitting the forms.

Enable Surcharge When Enrolling in Canopy Payments

When you enroll for Canopy Payments, surcharge options look like this:

What Your Clients See

The surcharging feature is not yet available on the Client Portal mobile app. A window populates when a client signs into the Client Portal on a browser.

The message below displays for the client one time. After that, the client sees surcharge information when they make a payment.

This is what the window looks like:


Your clients have visibility on what processing fee is charged when making a credit card payment.

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