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Make a Payment with Quick Pay
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Quick Pay is all about making your life easier when settling invoices. Quick Pay lets you make payments from your email without logging into the Client Portal. It's designed to focus on simplicity and save you time.

While we still recommend creating a client portal account to stay in touch with your CPA, we understand that some people prefer a more straightforward approach. That's where Quick Pay comes in handy! Learn more about how Quick Pay works by diving into our detailed article below.

Make a Payment with Quick Pay

We'll start the walkthrough with the invoice email.


1. Click Pay now.

Link Expirations: Quick Pay links expire 45 days after an invoice is emailed.


Clicking View invoice takes you to a page where you can either log in or create an account for your Client Portal.


2. Once the Quick Pay window populates, choose a payment method.


A Note on Credit Cards: Don't forget to review the Processing fee disclosure!


If your CPA has surcharging enabled on their end, you'll see the total amount you pay with a Credit Card.


3. Fill in your payment information and select Confirm and Pay.

A few notes on payments:

  • You can only make full payments from the Quick Pay link. Make partial payments by logging into your Client Portal!

  • You can make payments towards invoices, but you can't make an additional payment through the Quick Pay link.

  • For your security, you don't have access to your saved payment methods, and you need to manually enter those details.

  • You'll still receive a payment receipt email after making a payment with Quick Pay!

You may need to scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the Confirm and Pay button.

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